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‘Bayeux Tapestry’ – a Masterpiece of 11th century Romanesque Art. This huge piece of textile woven with decorative embroidery tells the story of the events surrounding the conquest of England. #Proud2bDesigner #Goals2021 #INIFD #INIFDStudents #INIFDPANVEL #fashionblog #fashionfacts

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2-Day Workshop on Indian Folk Art by Sanjay Sethi.

Warli Crafts Lippan Art On 23rd & 25th Feb @ 12pm Click on the Zoom link below to join the Webinar 👇

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Webinar by Pratap Jadhav

The gap between education and employment can largely be tackled by improving the underlying quality of education using the interactive learning solutions. A fundamental shift from traditional rote-repetition learning to one that promotes problem solving and application of knowledge is required to help ease the path to gainful employment for the youth of tomorrow. Zoom […]

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