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Fashion Design Courses

Unleash Your Creativity on the Runway - Pursue Fashion Design at INIFD Panvel

Our comprehensive fashion design programs, ranging from international certification to super-specialization courses, equip students with practical and theoretical knowledge of fashion design, textile design, accessory design, and more.

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1-Year Fashion Design Course
2-Year Fashion Design Course
3-Year Fashion Design Course
Super Specialization in Fashion Design
Interior Design Courses

Transform lives, one space at a Time - Check out our Interior Design Courses!

Our interior design programs enable our students with the skills to transform spaces and enrich lives. Ranging from 1 to 3 years of specialization to super-specialization courses, our programs cover a range of topics including furniture design, space planning, and material selection along with international exposure. 

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1-Year Interior Design Course
2-Year Interior Design Course
3-Year Interior Design Course
Super Specialization in Interior Design


Learn the art of creating beautiful spaces. Explore the world of interior design with us.

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