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Alumni conclave Meet at INIFD Panvel : Leading fashion design and interior design institute in navi Mumbai

Mumbai, a city pulsating with fashion-forward energy and creativity, serves as a premier destination for those embarking on a journey in fashion design. Within this dynamic ecosystem, INIFD PANVEL shines as a guiding light for aspirants drawn to the allure of fabric, color, and style. This article offers an exploration into the myriad offered fashion designing courses in Mumbai, spotlighting the pivotal role of INIFD PANVEL. The institute recently celebrated this legacy through its Alumni Conclave, a gathering that not only showcased the successful paths of its graduates but also underscored the rich educational tapestry that supports budding designers. Here, we delve into the event and its testament to INIFD PANVEl’s commitment to shaping the future icons of Fashion Design and Interior Design aspirants.

The Alumni Conclave: A Testament to Success

On January 20, 2024, INIFD PANVEL hosted its Alumni Conclave at Yogi Midtown, marking a significant event that brought together over 200 attendees, including students, alumni, and corporate leaders. This gathering wasn’t just another event; it was a celebration of the journey, achievements, and emotional milestones experienced by the students and their proud parents. The Conclave provided invaluable insights into the various challenges students face after completion of various types of Fashion designing and Interior designing courses and how their learning at INIFD PANVEl helped them to overcome the challenges and be successful. 

Celebrity mentor Ashley Rebello, known for his significant contributions to fashion design, shared his inspiring journey, emphasizing the importance of selecting the right course in fashion design. His narrative underscored how pivotal the choice of a fashion design course can be, serving as a beacon for those at the threshold of their careers.

Engaging with Alumni: Real-World Insights

The Alumni conclave meeting started with discussion panel and panelist from Interior Design where Sneha Waghmare, Bushra Godme, Nikita Mali, Sudha Krishnamoorthy, and from Fashion Design it was represented by Sakshi Thakur, Parchiti Shinde, Urvi Dedhia, Neelam Pandey and Shadab Sayyed. 

Discussion was presided by Anupma Singh, ace bollywood anchor, Talk show host, RJ, Conversationalist and leading corporate presenter. 

The interaction between current students and alumni from the 2016 batch onwards offered a real-world perspective on the varied career paths one can embark upon after successfully completing their fashion design courses or Interior design courses in Mumbai. Alumni like Sakshi Thakur, Prachiti Shinde, and Neelam Pandey shared their personal stories, highlighting how their chosen courses at INIFD Panvel equipped them with the skills and knowledge to excel in the dynamic world of fashion.

The Alumni Conclave hosted by INIFD Panvel not only showcased the institute’s legacy but also highlighted its role in shaping the future of fashion and interior design. With a curriculum that is constantly updated to reflect the latest trends and technologies, INIFD PANVEL ensures that its students are well-prepared to meet the challenges of the design industry through various seminars and industrial visits

Moreover, the institute’s strong industry connections with corporates provide students with unparalleled opportunities for internships, workshops, and placements, making it one of the most sought-after destinations for fashion design and Interior design courses in Navi Mumbai.

Alumni Conclave event hosted various corporates from the field of Interior design, fashion design, ecommerce and IT companies working in the field of retail. The Names of few companies who had their representatives attending the events are Epoch Design Studio,  Sciative Solutions, Sketchbook Interiors, SW studios, JJ Woods etc. All these corporates also shared valuable inputs with the students of INIFD PANVEL which students will use in their interview preparation and real life corporate world. 

Conclusion: Charting a Future with INIFD Panvel’s Alumni Legacy

The journey to becoming a noteworthy name in the Fashion and Interior Design industry begins with the right educational foundation. INIFD PANVEL, with its rich assortment of Fashion design courses and Interior design courses and its seasoned educators, and robust connections within the industry, stands as a beacon for those dreaming of a career in fashion design and Interior design. The institute’s recent Alumni Conclave is a vivid testament to the success that awaits those who choose to walk this path. This event not only highlighted the achievements of its graduates but also reinforced the institute’s commitment to fostering a community where creativity, innovation, and professional growth flourish.

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